Who are Federal Capital?

Federal Capital is an independent finance house and Irish business based in Dublin, with a sister company of the same name in Wales. We’ve funded opportunities for thousands of businesses just like yours, lending over €50 million so far.

The Federal Capital team has vast experience helping small businesses access funding. This is why we make such fast decisions and often approve loans where banks have said no or stalled the approval process.

Why Does Federal Capital Exist?

For many years this style of finance has been a success for small businesses across Europe, the UK and the United States. Providing a service that banks are often unwilling or unable to match. We believe Irish businesses should have access to the same funding as businesses in other countries.

Can You Rely on Federal Capital?

For your peace of mind, consider the institutions we’re involved with;

  • Regulated by the Data Protection Commissioner – keeping your information private
  • Member of the Irish Credit Bureau- institutions accessing confidential credit reports must pass ICB vetting and compliance
  • Registered with the Central Bank of Ireland’s Central Credit Register

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